Field Sales needs Mobile Apps

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How mobile is transforming consumer experience

We all know how personal mobile technology has changed our lives – from email in our pockets, to maps on the go, to the apps that we can’t live without. Mobile technology is changing our lives as consumers too, transforming the way we interact with retailers, the way we purchase and even our attitudes about


The cost of reconciliation

Reconciliation is a costly business. I’m not talking Reconciliation in the political sense here, I’m talking Reconciliation in the business transactional sense. I mean tying together the key pieces of data that make up a financial transaction – customer information, product and inventory information and financial information. This is a process faced by anyone who


Mobile POS – why you DON’T have to start over

Mobile POS – it’s one of the most commonly cited ‘planned projects’ on retailers’ radars. They understand the reasons and the benefits of going mobile, and there is a plethora of software providers with great looking products, so what is holding them back? Why have more not yet made the leap and moved to mobile