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Black Label Solutions is a Private Australian company specialising in software development of robust, intuitive and smart applications. With 20 years of experience, Black Label have been at the forefront of developing integrated point of service systems for enterprise and government users. Recognising the need for software that is both easy to use and also useful, Black Label designs solutions for non-skilled users to perform complex tasks simply and easily.

Software hides the complexity within the software architecture to provide sophisticated functionality that the user can operate step by step. Black Label’s business is solely software development. The company uses an engagement model that embraces specific programs of work that deliver greater clarity and predictability of business outcomes.

Black Label stays ahead through advanced Research and Development focus leveraging a strong network of technologies alliances and partnerships. Black Label won a Victorian Government iAward for Innovation as well as many other recognised achievements. Going forward, Black Label specialises in working with new mobile and cloud technologies to bring ideas and innovation to organisations help non-skilled workers use technology to better service their customers.

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