Sales is going Mobile
Are you there yet?

Selling at Events / Pop-ups

Selling Outdoors / On-the-road

Selling direct to Homes / Businesses

Selling Face-to-face

MOBILE SALES allows you to complete sales without reliance on in store networks or EFTPOS networks.

Using a completely, free standing Point of Service solution, you can take and complete the sale anywhere.

Both mobile sales and the payment mechanism communicate wirelessly – no impact from network outages.

Use a Bolt-on-App to set up a
complete Mobile Point of Sale system fast

Black Label Mobile Sales App is simple to set up and easy to use. It helps you automate the process to sell anywhere, anytime.

The app also helps you engage and service customers more directly. It helps boost sales at events and during promotions

Ensure accurate product and pricing on-the-go

Speed up the sales process – ensure accuracy

Upsell and offer additional products – fast

Better manage sales integrity and customer service

Capture a complete transaction record for every sale

Stay connected with your customers with customized receipt information

What you can do with your digital receipt:

  • Engage the customer for repeat purchases via a digital receipt
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you for new business
  • Offer automated warranty information
  • Create greater trust in your product and company
  • Give customers easy links to additional product information
  • Print bar codes on offers and discounts for new purchases
  • Allow customers to refer you to friends via email
  • Remind customers about their experience
  • Allow customers to recommend you

Customer Use Case

Sally is a businesswoman. She sells cosmetics person to person in your home.

She uses Mobile Sales to:

  • Ensure she has a list of accurate products and pricing
  • Complete sales and take payment on the spot
  • Remove the need for order forms and paperwork
  • Allow customers to pay by credit card
  • Capture a complete record of every transaction

What are the benefits:

  • Increase sales productivity
  • Improve customer service and response times
  • Better cash flow – take payment on the spot via tap and go
  • Boost sales at events or during promotions
  • Easily set up Pop Up stalls / sales locations
  • Take orders for out of stock items
  • Continue the engagement with your customers


Field Sales needs Mobile Apps

For companies that sell in the field, on the road and at events, the Point of Engagement is where the action is. While the work force may be equipped with email and office access, the need to automate how you sell and capture transaction data directly relates to better business processes.

Taking the store to the customer

Retailers small and large understand the value of pop-up stores. Whether it’s to launch a new product, flush out the current season’s inventory, boost sales for the holiday season or simply get to know their customers better – one thing’s for sure, pop-ups are here to stay.