Pricer: A successful history of product innovation

1st full graphic store (2008)

1st integrated digital signage (2012)

1st NFC self-scan (2013)

1st SmartFLASH (2014)

1st Indoor Guidance (2014)

1st social media on ESL (2014)

1st Dynamic Product Positioning roll out (2016)

1st C&C guided picking rollout (2016)

1st Sub-second SmartFlash (2018)

1st Sub-second SmartFlash (2018)

Software = Makes the Difference

Pricer Labels

Solution Components to Drive ROI


Digital PriceSignage

Enterprise Architecture & Tools


Pricer Search

Shopper Engagement ESL Web Redirect & Retarget

Promotion Flash & Product Locator

Store Guidance

Task Mgt – Click & Collect