Field Sales needs Mobile Apps

For companies that sell in the field, on the road and at events, the Point of Engagement is where the action is. While the work force may be equipped with email and office access, the need to automate how you sell and capture transaction data directly relates to better business processes.

Taking the store to the customer

Retailers small and large understand the value of pop-up stores. Whether it’s to launch a new product, flush out the current season’s inventory, boost sales for the holiday season or simply get to know their customers better – one thing’s for sure, pop-ups are here to stay.

Why ERP and Point of Sale are better together

Most large organisations using an ERP system tend to roll with whatever Point of Sale module is on offer in that system. After all, they’ve made a substantial investment, so on the surface it makes sense to leverage as much of that investment as possible. But is an ERP system really the best option for

Part 3 – Just taking payment is not enough: Improving the customer and employee experience

In Part 1 and 2 of ‘Just taking payment is not enough’, we talked about the problem with payment only and the importance of capturing a complete transaction. The second element is to integrate the Point of Sale with back office systems – existing finance, inventory and CRM. This allows key details about products (including stock levels and

PART 2 – Just taking payment is not enough: Capture a complete transaction

In our previous article, we explored some of the problems with just taking payment on a mobile pin pad. In this article, we look at how to do payment better. Integrating Point of Sale systems with payment is critical as it allows a business to capture a complete transaction at the point of sale. No

PART 1 – Just taking payment is not enough: The problem with mobile payment

As consumers we’re a tap-happy lot. When paying for products and services, we expect to be able to tap and go whenever and wherever it suits us. We buy from all types of retail stores, we go to events, pay for food and drink and receive deliveries, all in various locations. Many companies meet this

How mobile is transforming consumer experience

We all know how personal mobile technology has changed our lives – from email in our pockets, to maps on the go, to the apps that we can’t live without. Mobile technology is changing our lives as consumers too, transforming the way we interact with retailers, the way we purchase and even our attitudes about

The digital shift in payment – convergence of mobile payment and Point of Service

Mobile payment is so well established now that we give it little thought – we expect to be able to pay anywhere. Point of Sale has traditionally been the checkout point in retail stores – built for security and control, but not necessarily with the flexibility to embrace new forms of payment such as mobile.

The cost of reconciliation

Reconciliation is a costly business. I’m not talking Reconciliation in the political sense here, I’m talking Reconciliation in the business transactional sense. I mean tying together the key pieces of data that make up a financial transaction – customer information, product and inventory information and financial information. This is a process faced by anyone who